Good presentations translate into high scores for students, while for other professionals they help to attract attention to new ideas or convince clients to buy into new products or services. In every profession, the desire to communicate ideas and promote the preferred brand of product or service or policy in a convincing way is very strong. Leaders, managers, experts, students and researchers continue to rely on well prepared power point slides to communicate their ideas or position on current issues. Students from all over the world buy PowerPoint presentations in such disciplines as Anthropology Art, Archaeology, Architecture, Astronomy, Biology, Business, Chemistry, climate change, Consumer science, Computer science, Communication, Criminology, Ecology, Economics, English, Health care, History, IT, Law, Literature, Marketing, Management, Mathematics, Medicine, Nanotechnology, Nursing, Physics, Psychology, Philosophy, Religious studies,  Sociology, Technology, Teaching Media studies, Political science, Sports, et cetra.

Among the most popular PowerPoint presentation topics are on the following issues: climate change, fuel, clean energy, Indian traditions and cuisine, leadership, life, war, training, food, farming, the Internet, motivation, e-commerce, team, abortion, diabetes, network & networking, quality, computers, drugs, nutrition, women, time management, communication skills, TV, CD, human resources (HR), customer service, love, religion,  AIDS, stem cells, HIV and many-many others.

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